About Mobius Journeys

Mobius Journeys is a bespoke luxury travel agency with a focus on high-end leisure and business travel all over the world. Founded by Jason Lawenda and Amy Wolf, Mobius Journeys specializes in planning perfectly curated trips for their clients by calling on their first-hand travel experiences, experience in the award travel space, and long-standing relationships with preferred partners worldwide. 
About Jason Lawenda, Co-Founder & CEO
Jason Lawenda founded Mobius Journeys in 2023. A graduate of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, Jason was a 911 dispatcher and chef before ultimately finding his true passion in the world of travel in 2010.

Jason got his start in travel when he discovered an amazing community of award travel enthusiasts and learned the ropes.  This ultimately led to him joining The Points Guy team and moderating the community Facebook group.  Soon, Jason would team up with FBZ Elite, where he had the opportunity to continue moderating an online community, give lectures on award travel, and write (hyperlink).

These experiences ultimately led Jason to work for an exclusive travel agency based in San Francisco, where he turned his passion for award travel into a career.  Jason had the opportunity to cater to ultra-high-net-worth individuals, which has allowed Jason to curate some of the most incredible and over-the-top client experiences while building wonderful industry partnerships and relationships.  
His enthusiasm for food, family, design, and adventure help Jason to experience properties, cities, and food and entertainment venues with a unique perspective. He loves building personal connections with clients that help him to match them with their ideal destinations and experiences.

Jason is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and lives with his daughter Sydney and two wild and crazy dogs, Briggs and Riley.